About us

In 2014, howtoid.com was founded to offer simple and effective solutions for computer issues related to Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Apple, and Windows. Our team combines exceptional writing skills with extensive hands-on professional experience to provide high-quality original content that is backed by research and expertise. The quality of our expertise is evident in our content, which has been well-received by the community. Our website now features over 14,000 technical tutorials, drawing millions of visitors from all around the world every month. Our tutorials are frequently referenced by educational and corporate organizations in their internal support documentation. Howtoid has received recognition and referrals from notable organizations such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Plesk, Parallels, Forbes, Zendesk, and StackOverflow.

Editorial Guidelines

Our Editorial Guidelines dictate that every piece of content on Howtoid meets our high standards for quality. Our Senior Editors, who are subject-matter experts, meticulously review every keystroke. This ensures that our troubleshooting articles are reliable and accurate. We only publish methods that have been tested and proven to work.

When it comes to product reviews, we evaluate the performance of the PC or related product by benchmarking it against industry standards. We use globally recognized benchmarking software and hardware testing devices to determine the maximum potential of any PC hardware component. Our testing is done by certified PC hardware professionals and enthusiasts with over two decades of experience.

We are transparent about our testing methodology, providing comprehensive details before benchmarks are visible in our review articles. This transparency assures our readers of the accuracy of our test results. As hardware enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of providing thoroughly tested results. We perform the same tests repeatedly to establish clarity for our readers.

Fact Checking Policy

Howtoid.com has implemented a strict fact checking policy to ensure that all of its content is based on objectively factual information, free from any inherent biases or industry buzz. To achieve this goal, the website’s team of dedicated editors implements a rigorous fact-checking process for every piece of content uploaded. This process involves reading secondary sources, fact-checking websites, and contacting the source directly.

In today’s climate, it is more important than ever to verify news before sharing it. Howtoid.com understands this and works tirelessly to ensure that all of its content is accurate and up-to-date. The editorial team consists of highly experienced writers and editors who prioritize accuracy and avoid clickbait titles. The team’s members hold multiple certifications and qualifications in information technology and have held esteemed positions in management and IT support for many years.

Howtoid.com strives to maintain editorial independence and transparency in its partnerships and sponsorships. The website discloses any partnerships and sponsorships and ensures that they do not influence the editorial content. The reviews provided on the website are completely objective and unbiased, and the editorial content is separated from partnered content on the website.

If readers ever have any doubts about the accuracy of the content on Howtoid.com, they can reach out to the website directly. The team is always willing to answer questions and implement corrections as necessary.

Corrections Policy

Despite our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of our content, the writers and editors at Howtoid.com are human and may occasionally make mistakes. However, we have a strict corrections policy in place that requires us to correct any errors as soon as they are discovered and update the content with new information and resources as needed.

Our corrections policy is closely linked to our fact-checking policy, both of which are designed to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our content. We also believe in being accountable for our content and welcome feedback and corrections from our readers.

If you notice any errors or inaccuracies in our content, please don’t hesitate to contact us at editor@Howtoid.com. Our editorial team will review your suggestions and make the necessary corrections as quickly as possible.

Originality Policy

Howtoid.com places a great emphasis on authenticity and originality. We believe that unbiased, accurate, and original content is essential, and therefore we strictly adhere to our originality policy. This policy requires that all content published on our website must be completely original, accurate, properly verified, and free from any form of plagiarism or infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights.

To ensure that our writers and contributors follow applicable journalistic laws and practices, such as the FTC Disclosure Guidelines, Fair Use, Copyright Law, and Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Code, is a top priority for us. Any violation of these laws or practices is taken very seriously, and we have a zero-tolerance approach to plagiarism or copyright infringement.

At Howtoid.com, we hold ourselves to a high level of accountability. Therefore, we take any complaints of plagiarism, copyright infringement, or violation of Fair Use very seriously, and such issues may be considered grounds for termination.

Editors and Senior Staff

Our team consists of professionals who have expertise in various fields of technology and are passionate about discussing technology-related issues. All members of our editorial staff hold one or more certifications, with years of experience in the Information Technology industry, and have held IT Support or Management positions in their professional careers.