Can you use Instagram on Apple Watch? Yes, and here’s how!

Yes, you can use Instagram on your Apple Watch! Have you ever used Instagram on the iPhone? If yes, then this article will be useful to you as we will learn how to use Instagram on Apple Watch with help of Lens for Watch app. However, if you have never used Instagram or have no idea about it, then let me tell you that Instagram is an excellent photo-sharing and video-sharing app that allows users to take pictures from their smartphone and apply filters to them so that they could look amazing before sharing with the world or just your friends or family members!

How to get instagram on apple watch

Here is how to get instagram on apple watch?

  • To begin, download Lens for Watch from the App Store onto your iPhone.
  • First, open the app and log in to Instagram. You should see a pop-up informing you that the lens is not yet installed on the watch.
  • Tap the button labeled OK and open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. After doing this, go to the App Store and download the Open Lens App for your iPhone.
  • To start receiving updates, open the Watch App on your iPhone, navigate to the Lenses section, then turn on the Show App on Apple Watch switch. Once the Lens App is enabled on your iPhone, navigate to My Watch and then enable the Lens App on your Apple Watch.
  • Return to the Instagram app on your iPhone and log in. Type in your username and password.
  • So open the Lens app on your Apple Watch and you will see different choices like Home, Stories, Activity, Explore, Direct Message, Search, and Profile.
  • Tap on Lens App and you will be able to select a desired menu option from the menu on your Apple Watch.
  • As an Instagram user, you should know that the Home tab shows posts from your friends. To scroll up or down the feed, use the digital crown.
  • To post a response, just place a speech bubble in the comment section. All uploaded media can be found in the Profile section, and on the Explore section, you can find content uploaded by others.
  • On Instagram, just tap the like button and on the Apple Watch, click the comment button.

And that is all for now!

How to download instagram on apple watch

  • Via the App Store, you can get Lens for Watch onto your iPhone.
  • If you want to log in to Instagram, open the app and tap the sign in button.
  • An error message saying, The message Lens is not installed on the watch! will be displayed.
  • Press the button labelled OK.

As such, please be aware: If you have already installed and uninstalled Lens for Watch at some point before April 2018, you will not receive a notification.

  • In order to have the Apple Watch app show on your iPhone, you need to make a Bluetooth connection.
  • Download the Watch App from the Apple Store on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Watch tab on your phone, scroll down until you find Lens, and tap on it.
  • Tap the toggle next to Show App on Apple Watch on your Apple Watch.
  • Backtrack to the Camera Roll through the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  • In order to log into your Instagram account, these steps should be followed.
  • For one, you need to launch the Camera app on your Apple Watch.
  • Once you open up the app, you’ll be able to see multiple navigation options including Home, Stories, Activity, Explore, Direct Message, Search, and Profile.

How to get instagram notifications on apple watch

  • Step 1: Check your notifications for Instagram on your Apple Watch by opening the app on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Access My Watch and find Instagram.
  • Hit the Install App button to enable the Instagram app on your Apple Watch. Once enabled, you will be able to receive notifications from your watch that way.
How to get instagram on apple watch
  • An app for the Apple Watch shows the screen of the Instagram application on an iPhone in Glances.

Within this screen, you can activate or deactivate Instagram glance on your Apple Watch by toggling the Show in Glances switch on or off.

How to receive all Instagram notifications on your Apple Watch

If you want notifications from Instagram on your Apple Watch, you can turn these on in Instagram by following these steps.

  • The first step is to download the Apple Watch app from the iPhone.
  • Press My Watch > Notifications.
  • On Step 3, enable the Instagram switch, as shown below.
How to get instagram on apple watch

Logging into your Instagram account with your Apple Watch will send you notifications when someone follows you, sends you a direct message, tags you in a photo, and more.

You can deactivate this setting for three reasons, not just to prevent notification overload but also because Instagram’s rich notifications received through the Apple Watch app are better optimized for the wrist.

Instagram wont work on apple watch

The Instagram app for watch is much better than what everyone expected. But some users are not able to get Instagram on their apple watch. Why does it happen? How can we fix it? This post will give you several reasons why Instagram won’t work on your watch and detail troubleshooting tips. Let’s check out. Why doesn’t Instagram work on my Apple Watch?: There are many reasons why Instagram won’t work on your watch. For example, Instagram has been added as a complication but doesn’t open when tapped; other users have found that Instagram works when opened from within its own iPhone app but not through Siri or Glances; still others report they’re having trouble posting new photos from their watches.

Other FAQs about Instagram on Apple Watch

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