Problem: Airpods not connecting to iphone

If your AirPods or AirPods Pro cannot connect to your iPhone or iPad, here are some tried and tested solutions. While the connection between AirPods and other Apple devices is convenient and, in most cases, seamless, this automatic pairing feature is not bulletproof. If all goes well, it can be very frustrating not knowing what … Read more

How to screen mirror iphone airplay to mac

iphone airplay to mac

We know there is AirPlay on the iPhone and iMac, but is there a way to use it to mirror iphone airplay to mac or share the iPhone screen on the iMac? Wasn’t this a feature added in the latest MacOS and iOS? Apple’s AirPlay is most commonly used to share content with TVs and … Read more

How to find my ipad from my iphone ?

find my ipad from my iphone

Apple’s find my ipad from my iphone application uses GPS tracking software to locate a lost iPhone. It also allows you to remotely lock and wipe your iPhone so that your personal information cannot be misused. Below, we explain how to set up find my ipad from my iphone and what to do if your … Read more

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Why is my whatsapp not connecting iphone ?

whatsapp not connecting iphone

Whatsapp service works well most of the time, but you may see a status of not connected when you open the app; if whatsapp not connecting iphone, see here the solution. When you open WhatsApp on your iPhone, the connection status continues to be displayed at the top. This means that you will not be … Read more