How to archive all your instagram posts in One Go

If you’re looking to archive all of your Instagram posts in one go, there are a few different methods you can use. The most straightforward way is to go to your account settings and select the Archive This Post button. However, this will only archive your most recent posts and won’t capture all of your older ones.

Before You Start

Instagram lets you archive your posts individually by clicking on an icon that appears at the top-right corner when viewing a post. This icon is represented by three dots and looks like three horizontal bars. When you click on it, a new window will appear asking if you want to archive or delete that post. While it’s possible to manually go through each and every one of your posts, there are two more efficient methods you can use: either archive multiple posts all at once or schedule them for deletion later. Let’s take a look at both methods below.

How to archive all instagram posts iphone

To archive a post on your iPhone,

  1. Open the Instagram application, go to your profile, and select the post that you want to archive.
  2. Hit the 3 dots button on the top right corner of the post.
  3. Select the Archive option. That’s it!

How to archive all your instagram posts
How to archive all your instagram posts

How to see all of your old posts

You can see all of your old posts and stories like this

  1. Login to your Instagram account and go to your profile page.
  2. double-tap the three-line button on the right side of the upper-right-hand corner.
  3. here, select the Archive option.
  4. from the drop-down menu, you can choose between posts and stories, which will list your archives.
How to archive all your instagram posts
How to archive all your instagram posts

Alternatively, you can return the post to your profile by clicking the three dot icon on the top of the post, and choosing the Return to profile or Delete option. Just to be clear, when you delete the post, you will be able to restore it after you have done so, so be careful!

How to archive all instagram posts on computer

Depending on how much you want to take part in your future, there are two ways you can go about archiving all your Instagram posts. The first is relatively simple, and only requires a few clicks. This method will archive every single post you’ve made on Instagram so far – which, depending on how long you’ve been around for, could be hundreds or even thousands. To start, log into your account settings via desktop computer (not mobile), and then select Archive All Posts under the Content section.

If you want to make sure everything gets archived, tick both boxes next to Archive my photos and Archive my videos. Once that’s done, click Archive My Account at the bottom of your screen. You should get an email confirming that everything has been successfully archived. If not, try checking your spam folder!

How to Mass Archive Instagram Posts?

The archive feature of Instagram became very popular in no time, and it’s a very useful function. However, many people use Instagram in different ways, so they have a ton of posts they would like to archive all at once. Mass archiving is such a time-consuming process, and they’re looking for a way to do it automatically.

It is sad to say, but Instagram doesn’t have a function to archive several posts at once. It is possible to archive them individually in the Instagram app. You’re not out of luck though, there are third-party applications which can help you organize your feed. The following, we will show you how you can mass archive Instagram posts using your smartphone or your computer.

Mass archive Instagram posts on mobile phone

To back up all your Instagram posts, you need to have an application record your activities and copy them automatically to your other posts. The Click Assistant – Auto Clicker is an Android app that you can download from Google Play. Following these steps, you can archive a large number of posts. The method for iPhone users isn’t as complex. likewise, there are a lot of other, similar apps for iPhone like the Web Macro Bot: Record & Replay app you can download from the App Store.

Here’s a simple way to archive all of your Instagram posts using Auto Clicker.

  1. Visit the Google Play store and search for Click Assistant – Auto Clicker and download the app.
  2. Simply start the app; it’s ready to go from the start. You should find the START SERVICE button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Utilizing auto clickers, you can find your posts in Instagram by side-swiping your profile page and selecting the desired post to bulk delete.
  4. Right click and then select the circle tool from the toolbar. From now on, all of your clicks will be automatically repeated so please be careful.
  5. Press the three-dots button in the top right corner, choose Archive and then navigate to the post in order to archive it. Doing this will save time for you later.
  6. Once you’re done, you’ll see a Done button in green on the screen. Tap it to finish recording.
  7. You can now repeat the action by pressing the play button on the toolbar.
  8. The program will replay these actions over and over until you either pause the process or it archives all the posts. You can complete the process by pressing the cross button in the toolbar. When a post is marked for archiving, it will appear in the archived section of your account.

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How to archive all your instagram posts


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