How to change gopro app to english

English may be the most common language in the world, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to use it on their GoPro app. If you bought your GoPro in China, the GoPro app was probably already set to Chinese by default when you first opened it up, and you never realized that you could change it. But now you do—and that means you can get back to using an English version of the app just as easily as with any other language version of the app.

How to change gopro app to english

1. Swipe Downwards From The Top Of The Rear Screen

The first step to changing your GoPro app to English is to swipe downwards from the top of the rear screen. This will open the Dashboard.

Tap The Preferences Icon

You can change the GoPro app’s settings by swipe left on the screen and tapping on the Preferences icon. This is located in the top left corner of the app, right next to the Connections icon.

Scroll Down And Tap Regional

Tap on the Regional option at the bottom of the page.

Next, tap on Language.

Tap Language and select the desired language from the list.

Select English From The List Of Languages

You can move up or down on the list of languages by swiping left or right on the screen. At the top of the list of languages, choose English and then swipe to the right to go back.


It’s so important to know how to change gopro app to english. It will allow you to be able to edit photos, videos and have a better experience overall with the camera. In order to find out how to change gopro app to english, go through the steps in this blog post. If you want more details about how to change gopro app to english, please comment below.

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