How to Fix the Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now 2022 Error

Spotify can’t play this right now error. What does it mean and how to fix it? Do you get that error when trying to listen to your favorite song on Spotify? Do you know what the error means and how to fix it? In this article, I will share with you how to fix the Spotify can’t play this right now error in detail.

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What does the “Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now” error message mean

If you see an error message when you try to play a song on Spotify, there are three things that could be causing it: An internet connection problem, a spotify can’t play this right now server error or a spotify not working problem. If it’s an internet connection issue, try connecting your device directly to your router with an ethernet cable and seeing if that fixes things. Otherwise, if Spotify keeps telling you Can’t play what? here are some ways of fixing spotify can’t play this right now.

Log Out of Your Spotify Account

According to Spotify support, When a song is not available for playback in your country, region or territory, you may see ‘Spotify can’t play this right now’. We aim to get all songs on Spotify. Due to label agreements we can’t always do that at once. We make new music available as fast as we can. In other words, even if you paid for premium and don’t want ads interrupting your listening experience, many artists are signed with labels that make certain songs unavailable unless you have a credit card with a billing address in their home country. If it’s happening a lot on one device, try logging out of your account—maybe sign out of Spotify on any browser tabs you have open too—and logging back in again.

spotify can't play this right now

Restart Your Spotify App

Before restarting your app, try rebooting your device and checking if Spotify can play again. If not, you might need to uninstall and reinstall Spotify. If that doesn’t help, try uninstalling and reinstalling any updates you have recently received. Remember that you don’t need any accounts or passwords in order to do these things, which makes it a lot easier than some other apps!

Exit Spotify and try reopening it. Next, choose the song you were trying to listen to and try playing it again.

Update Your Spotify App

Just because your device has Bluetooth, doesn’t mean you don’t need an app update. Spotify is constantly updating its app so that it remains compatible with all of your devices. If you continue to see Spotify can’t play right now or similar errors when trying to stream on Spotify, try upgrading your app and restarting your device before giving up on streaming altogether. Spotify is available for iPhones, iPads, PCs and Macs.

In order to update your Spotify desktop application manually, follow the steps below.

  1. Launch Spotify on your PC.
  2. Choose Spotify > About Spotify in the application’s menu.
  3. This will show you the latest version of Spotify that you are using. If an update is available, please click Update now to update your application.
  4. Just choose Close and restart your Spotify to install the update.

Check whether you are short of space

The most likely culprit is that you’re short on space on your device. Spotify uses between 7 and 10 GB of storage, depending on how many songs you have (or if you’re downloading a lot of podcasts). Make sure you’ve got enough room for music, videos, and all your other data. If not, clear some space by deleting stuff or transferring it to another device (like an external hard drive or OneDrive). You could also try uninstalling Spotify and then reinstalling it. It’s a bit of a hassle but often works as a fix. If nothing else works, consider giving Google Play Music Unlimited a shot—it has pretty much all the same features but is also compatible with Chromecast.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Spotify has historically experienced hiccups because of hardware acceleration. Fortunately, there’s a fix for it—as long as you’re using Windows 10. In Spotify, click on Settings, then General, and uncheck Enable Hardware Acceleration. You might also want to turn off screensaver mode if that’s enabled in your settings. If you’re using an older version of Windows or Spotify on Mac or Linux, a quick Google search should get you going. After making these changes, try playing another song; chances are your issue is solved!

In order to disable this feature in Spotify, go to the Spotify menu and uncheck Hardware Acceleration. This will prompt Spotify to restart the application.

spotify can't play this right now

Disable Crossfading

Spotify’s practice of crossfading, or transitioning between songs, can be annoying to some listeners. If you’re in that camp, disable crossfading by opening up Spotify and going to Preferences > Playback. You’ll need to restart Spotify after making changes, but once you do you’ll find that your songs no longer automatically fade into one another. If you change your mind about crossfading later on, all you have to do is return here and re-enable it with a click. Though if it doesn’t bother you too much now—or if it bothers others more than it does you—it might not be worth disrupting your listening experience for such a minor tweak.

  • Go to the Spotify Settings.
  • Scroll down and click Show Advanced Settings.
Spotify Can't Play This Right Now
  • In Playback, disable the Crossfade songs.
Spotify Can't Play This Right Now

Disable high quality streaming

Did you upgrade your subscription level from premium to free in recent times? Problems could be caused by the high quality streaming feature not being automatically disabled. Premium playback is only available to users with a Premium subscription, and you’ll need to adjust the quality of your Spotify music to get rid of the errors.

  • Go to Spotify Settings.
  • Click on Music Quality.
  • In Music Quality, check Automatic to have Spotify automatically adjust the quality based on your subscription level. Alternatively, you can manually select a quality level lower than Very High.
Spotify Can't Play This Right Now

See if the song is available on Spotify

If you’re getting an error message when you try to play a song, don’t waste time looking for some magical fix. Spotify is a streaming service, so it makes sense that your access to songs and albums might be spotty. Look on Spotify’s website or its mobile app if there are any songs or albums you want that are only available in its extensive catalog. If there aren’t any other versions of what you want and you have an internet connection, try searching for it on YouTube and adding it as a track from there. And remember: Spotify can’t play all these tracks at once because of licensing issues with music studios—so expect errors every now and then as services update their catalogs and make more content available. (Spotify says its collection currently tops 30 million songs.) If you have Spotify Premium, it won’t ask you to upgrade your plan to listen again while it tries to connect. However, free users will get two attempts before they’re locked out of playing that particular song. Free users will also get occasional interruptions in service while Spotify works out licensing deals with labels and artists. The good news is those interruptions shouldn’t last long.

To prevent any frustration, you may want to enable the desktop version of Spotify’s settings, which will tell you which tracks are playable and which aren’t.

  • Go to Spotify Settings.
  • Scroll down to Display Options.
  • Check the Show unavailable songs in playlists checkbox.
spotify can't play this right now

Why does my internet connection cause problems with Spotify?

The spotify can’t play right now error has been appearing for a long time now and it comes as no surprise that people want to fix it. There is a variety of different reasons why Spotify stops working, including internal network issues, firewall blocks and even problems with your internet service provider (ISP). Knowing what causes spotify can’t play right now error can make it easier for you to solve them. To try and find out if your ISP is to blame you should check their site for an update or contact their customer service. It might be an idea to also try another internet connection if you have one available. If not, then you will need to wait until Spotify fixes these issues themselves.

Additional ways to troubleshoot Spotify

It’s always frustrating when Spotify can’t play this right now, but you can use these troubleshooting tips to get back on track. Try the methods above to solve the problem and start listening to your favorite songs once again! But first… make sure your internet connection is working properly and that you have all the latest Spotify updates installed on your computer or mobile device. If you’re still getting the error message, it might be time to contact Spotify support directly!

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