How to screen record on samsung a 12 : step by step

The Samsung Galaxy A12 and A12+ are the latest members of the Galaxy A family and they both have plenty of unique features to help you get the most out of your smartphone experience. One feature that comes with Samsung’s smartphones and tablets is called Screen Recorder, a tool that allows you to record everything that happens on your screen, including audio, in order to save it as a video file on your device or share it online using another app like YouTube. Here is How to screen record on samsung a 12.

Does samsung a12 have screen recording

Yes, you can. However, it only works with select apps. For example, Snapchat doesn’t support screen recording with screen record samsung a12; however, Vine does. Samsung smart phones allow for screen recordings at 720p and 30 frames per second when in stand-alone mode (versus just 1080p or Full HD videos). When taking your own video tutorial with your phone, make sure to capture good lighting—this will be recorded and is important when watching back what you’ve saved. After saving a clip, share it through text messaging or upload it directly onto Facebook or YouTube where others can see how to properly operate their device if they’re having any difficulties.

How to screen record on samsung a 12

On most Android phones, you can record your screen to create high-quality tutorials, walkthroughs and more. Here are step by step How to screen record on samsung a 12:

  • Step 1 : how to screen record in samsung a12

First of all, we need to check if we have the Screen Recorder icon in the Quick Access Panel of our Samsung Galaxy A12.

In order to check it, we unlocked our Galaxy A12 and then slide our finger a few centimeters down from the top edge of the screen to display the quick panel of shortcuts like connecting to a Wi-Fi network, connecting Bluetooth, muting, airplane mode, etc. To show the full panel, we slide our finger down from the top edge of the screen with one finger again to see if the screen recording icon appears as in the screenshot below.

How to screen record on samsung a 12
  • Step 2 :

To see the Screen recording icon on our Samsung Galaxy A12’s quick panel, select the edit icon that is three points stacked vertically.

How to screen record on samsung a 12
how to screen record in samsung a12
  • Step 3:

There is a Floating menu that you can click on to change the buttons that are on the top of your phone.

  • Step 4:

Tap the quick panel settings that we have already configured and if we find the screen recording icon in the row of options, without dropping it, drag it to the bottom of the list to add it to the panel. If the Galaxy A12 is configured without the option to natively record screens, go to point If we do not have the option to record screen natively.

How to screen record on samsung a 12
how to screen record in samsung a12
  • Step 5:

You will be given two ways to start recording your screen on the Samsung Galaxy A12. First, simultaneously press the volume up and power buttons. Second, swipe from the top of the screen, drag down, and tap the icon at the bottom.

How to screen record on samsung a 12
how to screen record in samsung a12
  • Step 6:

Pick a higher-quality HD or miniature video. The Samsung Galaxy A12 microphone sound will be captured by default, (This is useful for example if you are explaining the operation of an app to a friend or recording a message while the video screen is being recorded on the Samsung Galaxy A12), so if you do not want the video to have external sound, you should record it in a quiet environment.

  • Step 7:

The countdown starts with a timer displayed on the Samsung Galaxy A12, which is when the recording of anything that’s on the screen will begin.

  • Step 8:

Press the volume up and power buttons on your Samsung Galaxy A12 or select Stop from the top left of the screen to stop recording.

How to screen record on samsung a12 with an app

how to screen record in samsung a12

How to screen record on samsung a12 without an app

You can record your screen on a Samsung Galaxy device without an app by following these steps: Open your phone’s settings, then choose About Device.

  • Tap repeatedly on Build Number until you receive a notification that says you are now a developer. Select Back, then tap on Developer Options. Enable screen recording and follow other on-screen prompts to record video.
  • If you have an app from Google Play, such as AZ Screen Recorder, open it and tap to start recording. Afterward, tap again to stop filming and save your recording to your device’s internal storage or SD card for future use.

Why does my samsung a12 not have screen recording

There is a very simple explanation for why does my samsung a12 not have screen recording: it was removed. There are different ways in which Android manufacturers can remove certain features, but most of them will follow a similar method. Many devices ship with apps that allow you to record your screen, but not all devices have these apps installed by default. On top of that, some devices will install bloatware that does not come from Google and instead from third-party companies. You can check if any apps related to screen recording exist in your Settings>Apps menu or through Google Play . If none are present, then there’s nothing you can do except hope that future versions of Android feature screen recording by default.

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