How to take screenshot in samsung a12 in 3 Simple Steps

It’s essential to have the possibility of taking screenshots, that is to say to grab in an image what appears on the screen at that precise moment on your Samsung Galaxy A12. Follow this guide and you’ll be able to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A12 in three simple steps.

How to take screenshot in samsung a12

Taking samsung a12 screenshot is a very easy and quick process, one that could be useful when you want to save something you see or what you are writing on social networks, for example. Here are some ways of taking screenshots in your Samsung Galaxy A12. These techniques can be applied also to other Android phones.

How to screenshot in samsung a12 : Follow these 3 simple steps

  1. In order to take a screenshot in your Samsung Galaxy A12, press Power + Volume Down at the same time;
  2. You will hear a sound confirming that you have taken it;
  3. The image will appear on your Gallery app under Screenshots. If you don’t have an app like Gallery installed, it will automatically appear as an image file saved in Pictures folder. You can then share it via electronic mail or upload it on-line the usage of any of your favourite apps consisting of Google Drive or Dropbox.

This process works perfectly with all types of content: images, text messages and even videos! We hope we have been able to help you learn how to take screenshots in your Samsung Galaxy A12! 🙂 Have fun capturing moments! 😀

Samsung Galaxy A12: How to take a screenshot/capture?

How to take screenshot in Samsung A12 without power button

If you happen to own a brand new Samsung Galaxy A12 and have no physical power button, it’s likely that you’re looking for some help in how to take screenshots. Well, you’re in luck, due to the fact we are going to reveal you precisely how smooth it’s miles! If now not for something else, those easy commands will prevent from having to reply that very equal question time and again once more! First off, though, make sure your device has been updated by going into your settings menu and pressing on About Device. That way, when we give instructions here about how things look and appear (such as Screenshots), they’ll be accurate. Now then, let’s get started with how to screenshot on Samsung A12:

  1. Press and hold both Volume Down + Power buttons at once;
  2. You should hear a shutter sound followed by an animation of your screen being taken;
  3. The image should now be saved in your Gallery app.

There are also two other ways of taking screenshots with a Galaxy A12:

  1. Hold down both Volume Up + Power buttons at once;
  2. Swipe up from bottom of screen while holding down both Volume Up + Power buttons at once;
  3. You should hear a shutter sound followed by an animation of your screen being taken;
  4. The image should now be saved in your Gallery app.

Samsung a12 screenshot palm swipe

To screenshot using palm swipe, follow these easy steps:

  1. After opening your desired screen,
  2. place two fingers together on your screen
  3. and swipe them in any direction you want.

If executed correctly, a notification ought to seem at the top of your display screen asking if you want to shop or discard it. It’s as simple as that!

How to screenshot on samsung a12 android 11

  1. Open what you need to save as an photo.
  2. Press and hold both Power and Volume Down buttons at once.
  3. You will see some white writing, now release your fingers from power button but still keep holding volume down button until Android creates a new file and saves it as an image of your screen and that’s it! Your snapshot was successfully captured:)

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Long screenshot samsung a12

Galaxy A12: how to screenshot in samsung a12 & Scroll Capture Screenshot

It’s really quite simple. You can take long screenshots (or scrollable screenshots) in your phone. The feature is pretty easy to use, and it doesn’t even require you to download any extra software.

First, you need to make sure that your device is running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher (Samsung didn’t start supporting long screenshots until KitKat). If it isn’t, there’s no point in trying; you won’t be able to see your long screenshot when you’re done taking it. If your phone runs at least KitKat, here’s how you can take a screenshot that spans multiple pages of whatever it is that’s currently open

On KitKat and later versions of Android, long screen shot s are surprisingly easy to take. When you want to do one,

  • All you need to do is maintain down each your device’s energy button and its home button at the identical time.
  • Keep them held down for about three seconds and a preview of what will show up in your screenshot will appear on screen.
screenshot in samsung a12
how to screenshot on galaxy a12
  • immediately after capturing, a Capture More or Scrolling Screenshot or Scrolling Capture icon appears tap it; then the page starts to scroll > click on the screen to stop scrolling > Save
screenshot in samsung a12
how to screenshot on galaxy a12
  • choose the screenshot that was just taken, then click on skip, scroll through the screen and click on the image or on finish.
screenshot in samsung a12
how to screenshot on galaxy a12

Troubleshooting : how to screenshot on galaxy a12

Samsung A12 screen not working

If your screen has stopped working or there are dead pixels that no longer display, you can still capture what’s happening using one of your phone’s many other means of saving information. If you are strolling Android, possibilities are you have integrated screenshot capability — and if now not, it is able to be viable to download an app that gives screenshots. To take a screenshot on your Samsung A12: Press and hold both the Power and Volume down buttons simultaneously until you hear a shutter sound. The screen will flash white briefly. The picture will automatically save in Gallery.

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