How to Turn Off Your iPhone 13 Without the Home Button

If you’re one of the many iPhone users who has decided to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone 13, but are missing the old Home button and aren’t fond of Face ID, there’s an easy way to turn off your iPhone 13 so that you can unlock it with a simple press of the power button. Here’s how to turn off your iPhone 13 if you don’t like Face ID.

Using hardware buttons

  • Press and hold down your Side button (the new power button) until you see a prompt asking if you’d like to turn off your iPhone.
  • From there, a simple swipe will deactivate Siri and turn off your screen.

The Home button used to be able to perform similar functions—but it’s been replaced by Face ID on newer iPhones.

To turn on your phone again, just press and release your Side button or tap anywhere on-screen. While you can use Face ID as an alternative way to wake up your device, we recommend using it for authenticating purchases instead of using it as a backup way to turn on your iPhone. As an added security measure, pressing and holding down your Side button will still immediately take you to Emergency SOS Mode—even if you’ve turned off Touch ID in Settings. So while that’s not exactly how to turn off iphone 13 without screen, at least now everyone knows how they can do so!

How to Turn Off/On an iPhone 13/13 Pro

How do I turn off my iPhone 13 if I have trouble using Face ID?

A great deal of iphone users are having trouble using face id. Since it is so close up, it doesn’t always work correctly and many people have trouble getting their finger on there correctly in time. With all of these problems with face id, there are still a lot of people who would like to have an option for something else. The best answer seems to be an app called turn off iphone 11 which has over 50 thousand downloads and seems pretty popular as well. This app does not interfere with your screen or home button at all and allows you quick access directly from your lock screen to turn off your phone if you should need it. It is quick, easy, convenient, free and works just fine so far! Hopefully apple will fix these issues soon but until then, I recommend checking out turn off iphone 11 for yourself. You can also download turn off iphone 12 which might work better than version 11 since they haven’t released an update yet. Just search turn off iphone 13 on google play store and you should find it easily enough. Hope that helps!

How to turn off iphone 13 without screen

Although there’s no Home button on newer iPhones, you can still turn off your phone if you don’t like Face ID.

  • To do so, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on Emergency SOS.
  • Then turn off Auto Call in Settings > Face ID & Passcode or just enter your passcode as usual and manually make an emergency call by swiping down from anywhere on your screen with two fingers (the equivalent of a swipe up from the bottom of a Home screen).
  • This brings up a list of available contacts that’ll be called when you swipe up from there again with one finger.
  • When you’re done making calls, press and hold either volume button until you see slide to power off at the top of your screen.
  • Slide it right to shut down your device.

The alternative is to simply remove your SIM card—you can find it near where you plug in your charger—and leave it out for about 10 seconds before putting it back in. The downside is that leaving your SIM card out will disable cellular service and force you to use Wi-Fi calling only. Of course, there’s also an old-fashioned hardware method:

  • Press and hold both volume buttons and then keep holding them while pressing and holding both sleep/wake buttons simultaneously until you see slide to power off at the top of your screen.

It’s a lot more complicated than using Emergency SOS but will work even if you have a passcode enabled or Face ID disabled because your phone is locked with Touch ID or PIN protection instead of Face ID.

What if I can’t unlock my phone using Face ID?

Have you ever tried Face ID and it didn’t work? Sometimes, our facial features get in the way. For example, if you have a bandage on your face, or you have makeup on that blocks your eyes from being detected. Luckily, Apple has given us a few options for unlocking your phone in these types of situations. Let’s take a look at what those are.

  • First, let’s start with one option that requires no action on your part: Emergency SOS. By pressing and holding both volume buttons at once (on both sides), along with a side button (for about 10 seconds), you can automatically call 911—without even having to enter your passcode!
  • The second option is something you can do manually by going into Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Enter Passcode. In here, you can choose whether or not Require Attention for Face ID is turned on or off.

How do I turn off my iPhone 13 if I don’t like Touch ID?

The Side button, as Apple calls it, serves as a power switch on all iPhones.

  • Simply press and hold until you see a pop-up asking if you want to shut down your phone.
  • After 10 seconds of inactivity, an iPhone will automatically go into sleep mode, at which point pressing and holding again for about three seconds will turn it off completely.
  • Whether your screen is on or off, a simple press and hold of any button—Side button included—will turn your phone back on from its shutdown state.
  • Pressing and holding also turns Siri on if you haven’t used her for a while, so don’t be alarmed if she suddenly responds when you don’t mean for her to. Just speak normally, then release. Or use Touch ID instead.

Just kidding! Never use Touch ID! It’s terrible!

how to turn off iphone 13 when frozen

A frozen screen on your iphone is caused by any of several problems, such as apps that are stuck in a loop or some piece of code that’s preventing it from operating normally.

  • Try force-quitting apps one at a time (hold down the home button until you see all open apps, then swipe up on each app) to see if one causes a reboot.
  • To turn off your phone completely and restart it, hold down both buttons—the power button and volume down—for three seconds or longer.
  • Keep holding them until you see slide to power off across your screen.
  • Then slide your finger across as directed, and let go when prompted. Wait for your phone to restart; don’t try turning it back on before then.
  • Once it restarts, you should be able to enter your passcode or PIN.

If not, repeat these steps until it works. It may take a few tries. Note: This won’t work if your phone is frozen because its battery died while running an app that froze things up. In that case, plug in your phone first and then try these steps again once it has enough juice to boot up again.

Why won’t my phone let me use my fingerprint to unlock it?

iPhones that have Touch ID set up can still be unlocked with a fingerprint, but iPhones without Touch ID will require you to use your passcode (the numerical password you set when you first activated your device) or face recognition. The Side button on newer iPhones activates Siri when you press and hold it, and it is also used as a power button when it’s held down for more than three seconds. This action doesn’t turn off your phone completely; instead, it goes into Low Power Mode so your battery lasts longer until you can fully charge again.

What else can I do to protect my phone from unauthorized access?

There are other things you can do to protect your phone from unauthorized access. Apple suggests turning on your device’s passcode, which will make it harder for someone else to try and gain access. This is a step that many users ignore, but it could be crucial if you lose your phone or it gets stolen. On newer iPhones like the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models, Apple’s Face ID facial recognition system is used instead of a passcode. This means that if someone gets hold of your phone and tries to access it without holding up an authorized face in front of your device, they won’t be able to access any apps or data on your phone. However, some older iPhones still use a four-digit passcode instead of Face ID.

  • To turn on your iPhone’s passcode, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (or just Passcode) > Enter your current Passcode (if you have one) > Change Passcode (enter it again).
  • Then select Turn Passcode On. Follow these steps to turn off your iPhone’s flashlight: Open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your screen with two fingers.
  • Tap Flashlight (or whatever button controls brightness). Tap Brightness at top right corner. Drag Brightness slider left or right until desired brightness level is reached.

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