How to Use Linktree for Tiktok 2023

Today’s post, I’m gonna be showing you how to use Linktree for TikTok. So Linktree is basically an app or a website which allows you to add multiple links. 

And if people only click one link, they can like access all of the links which you have linked on to Linktree. So this is how it works.

How to Use Linktree for Tiktok

  • Go to your browser and go to Alright, so I’m gonna do that. 
  • So I have already gone to over here, Li n KTR, and I have logged in into my account.
  • If you don’t have account, create account.
  • And over here where it says Add new Link. Add multiple links over here. 
  • So I’m going to click on Add new link and link my YouTube channel.
  • This link is of YouTube and I’m going to paste the URL over here.
  • So one of my link is added. 
  • So I’m going to click on Done.
  • And over here one link has been added on my link tree.
  • And if I want to add another link, I can click on Add link and I can add another link.
  • So I’m going to add my my website link over there. 

So two of my link is added over here. Click on this little arrow button at the top of the screen like this over here and over here at the bottom it says Linktree. Click on copy. Once you copy my linktree, link has been copied. 

So the button I was talking about is right, right beside Upgrade at the top. All right? Click on it, click on Copy. Once your link is copied, you need to go back to your TikTok.

  • Now once you’re back on your TikTok,
  • go and Edit Profile and you can see a link called Website. 

So my account is not a business account, so I don’t have the website option. But you guys should convert your account to a business account and you can get the Website option. And on that Website option you can just paste your URL or like the link which you just copied. 

So for an example, I’m going to go on my Bio and paste the link over here. But you want to paste it on the website website one. All right, but since I don’t have the Website option, I’m going to just give you an example. 

So I’m going to choose Bio, click on Save at the top and it should be done, it should be added on my profile like this. But make sure you choose the Website option and link it over there. All right? So that’s it. 

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