How to verify cash app for bitcoin – Send bitcoins 2023 

In This post, I’m going to show you how you can transfer bitcoins from the cash app to your wallet or other places or other people. 

How to verify cash app for bitcoin

Let’s move on. And if you want to verify your account because you haven’t verified the account yet, then what you can do is just

  • click bitcoin
  • and basically just click Buy and just click $1 right? 
  • Now. Click next.
  • And before buying bitcoin, it will ask you to enter your mobile phone number.
  • Once you enter your mobile number, it will ask you to verify your account, right?
  • So you can verify your account during this process. 
  • And once you have verified your account, you can click on this dollar icon and enter the amount that you want to transfer.
  • So I want to transfer $10 worth of bitcoin, so I’ll write ten and click Pay. 
  • You can choose a wallet address and then click Next at the top.
  • And once you click Next on the next section, it will give you these three options.
  • These three options one is going to be priority. 

The other one will be rush. The other one will be standard. So if you choose standard, it will be free. If you choose rush, it will be delivered within 2 hours, but it will cost you. 

  • And if you choose priority, it will be transferred within ten minutes, but it will also cost you.
  • So it’s your choice which method you want to choose. Just click on it,
  • click Next and your bitcoins will be transferred to your wallet. 

So yeah, that’s how you guys can transfer bitcoins from the cash app to any other wallet. So, if you guys found our post useful, then don’t forget to comment. 

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