How to screen mirror iphone airplay to mac

We know there is AirPlay on the iPhone and iMac, but is there a way to use it to mirror iphone airplay to mac or share the iPhone screen on the iMac? Wasn’t this a feature added in the latest MacOS and iOS?

Apple’s AirPlay is most commonly used to share content with TVs and AppleTVs, but you are right that AirPlay can also share what is on your iPhone with your Mac system. That’s about it. When configured correctly. The biggest limitation is that most video streaming services block video sharing from mobile phones, whether via AirPlay or a physical connection with a Lightning-HDMI adapter. Why, because, to be honest, we find it far more efficient to log in directly to our favourite streaming services on our iMac or MacBook.

But that’s after you’ve got everything set up and working, right? Take a look at our checklist to make sure you’ve done all the necessary settings.

Macos settings for airplay sharing

To use your MacBook or iMac as a receiver for AirPlay, you need to go into the ‘Sharing‘ settings. System Preferences…’ in the Apple menu. located in the ‘System Preferences…‘ section. Select ‘Sharing‘ and you will see this.

iphone airplay to mac

First, check the name of the device and change it to a mnemonic name if necessary. If it is a stationary device, you can set up various types of sharing here, such as file sharing and printer sharing. However, if you are on a mobile device such as a MacBook Air, it is recommended not to enable sharing at all for security reasons. For AirPlay, you need to enable the ‘AirPlay receiver‘, as highlighted.

Check this box, close this window and your Mac is ready to use.

Screen mirror iphone airplay to mac

Take your iPhone and make sure that the iPhone and the iMac you are connecting to are on the same wireless network. If they are not on the same network, it will not work. Once confirmed, pull down from the top right-hand corner of the iPhone screen to reveal the shortcut view.

iphone airplay to mac

Once again, the button to tap to access AirPlay sharing is highlighted. Tapping this will display the list of available AirPlay recipients.

iphone airplay to mac

Be sure that the device names match. This is important to avoid accidentally sharing your iPhone screen with others on the same (possibly public) wifi network. iMac does not appear, check that both devices are on the same wifi network.

Assuming they are, all is well. Tap it and after a short while the iMac’s screen will go black and the iPhone’s screen will appear bright.

Confusingly, the AirPlay feature completely takes over the Mac display screen. It cannot be minimised or moved, and the only function you can access is to disconnect it by clicking the little ‘x‘ in the top left-hand corner. Otherwise, for all intents and purposes, it is only the display screen of that iPhone or iPad.

Try different apps on your iPhone to see which ones share correctly. For example, Peacock shares adverts, but when it comes to the actual film or episode content, it won’t show up on your Mac.

This can be frustrating! However, many iPhone apps still work fine, so it’s worth a try, especially with gaming and productivity apps.

How to disconnect airplay between Mac and iPhone

When you’ re done sharing, tap the ‘x‘ in the top left corner of your Mac screen to disconnect; on iPhone, swipe from the top right corner towards the centre again to bring up the shortcut window.

Please note that the AirPlay share button this time has a white background. That’s because it is in use. When you tap that button, an almost identical pop-up window appears.

How to turn on airplay on mac ?

Here is how to turn on airplay on mac.

  1. Open System Preferences. Click the Apple icon on the menu bar at the top of the screen and select ‘System Preferences‘ from the drop-down.
  2. In System Preferences, locate and select the ‘Display‘ icon, which looks like a computer monitor.
  1. Tick the box next to “Show mirroring options in the menu bar if available”.

Where is AirPlay on iPhone ?

Here is How to Enable AirPlay for iPhone

To set up AirPlay on your iPhone, follow these steps.

Make sure the iPhone and AirPlay receiver are switched on and connected to the same wireless network.

iphone airplay to mac
  1. On the iPhone, open the Control Centre by dropping down from the top right-hand corner.
  2. Tap and hold the music control area and select the AirPlay icon.
  3. Select the device you wish to connect via AirPlay.
  4. Open the AirPlay options on the iPhone.
  5. On some devices, select Done to connect.

Other link: support apple

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