Snapchat Not Working on iPhone? Here’s How to Fix It

The update to iOS 13 was supposed to make my iPhone work better, but now the Snapchat Not Working on iPhone! Is it the update? What should I do? Many people are asking themselves this question after updating their iPhones and iPads to the latest operating system from Apple, iOS 13. Unfortunately, with every software update comes bugs, which can sometimes lead to an app or feature on your phone not working as it should. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of potential solutions that can help get Snapchat running on your iPhone again in just a few minutes!

What Happened To My SnapChat App?

When Snapchat first launched, people were drawn in by its fun and interactive features like face-swapping, filters, and video chatting. The app has come a long way since then and today it is not only one of America’s most popular apps but also has more than 400 million users worldwide. While its success is undeniable, there have been reports that Snapchat not working after updating to iOS 13. This raises questions about why Snapchat stops working and how can you get it back up and running again.

After Updating my OS, snapchat crashing iphone

If you’re running iOS 13, there’s a good chance Snapchat isn’t working. The app has been having problems since Apple released its latest operating system, and no update has yet resolved it. What should you do if Snapchat is not working after updating your OS? For starters, don’t reinstall. Some users report they were able to fix their Snapchat problems by uninstalling and then reinstalling their device, but most say that only resulted in additional issues with other apps. However, all is not lost. There are several possible fixes for Snapchat not working on your phone after updating your OS—and one may work for you!

Is Snapchat Down Worldwide or Just My Country?

Snapchat users are reporting issues with Snapchat not working worldwide or just in a certain country. Users in Brazil, India, and Europe are currently unable to access Snapchat due to server issues. If you’re having trouble using Snapchat, check out our guide below for some potential fixes. Read more about is snapchat down today 2022, my snapchat is not working on mobile data, what time does snapchat close today.

The Solution that Worked For Me if snapchat not working on iphone

I’ve tested all of these Snapchat not working on iPhone solutions. I figured out that swiping up from Snapchat’s camera screen is what caused my app to stop working. Once I noticed what was causing my issues, I came up with a solution. To fix Snapchat not working on iPhone, swipe down from near where you place your top thumb when holding your phone vertically (or use your index finger if you’re left-handed). For example, I place my thumb close to Snapchat’s shutter button so if a friend texts me asking for a quick snap, I’ll start recording before typing back. After hearing that it could help prevent iOS 13 bugs, I came up with a practice of tapping every bar of my Snapchat camera view once before sending a snap. This has worked like a charm and Snapchat has been running smoothly ever since.If you’re still having trouble with Snapchat not working on iPhone after trying any of these fixes, then try reinstalling Snapchat or just wait until an update gets released in future updates.

Solution 1 : Restart Snapchat on your iPhone

Snapchat is a relatively resource-intensive app. If your device is in low memory, it can stop working and can’t start again. A simple way of getting around Snapchat not working on iPhone 13/11/15 is simply to restart your device and launch Snapchat again. This often does work for most people so it’s definitely worth a try before you begin any troubleshooting. You can also exit out of other apps like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter that are running in the background too as these use up system resources. You don’t have to quit them but having them closed might help, especially if you’re using an older phone with a less powerful processor than what Apple currently offers in its lineup of iPhones. On top of Snapchat not working on iPhone 11, Snapchat might crash while recording video or while playing games too. In those cases, we recommend shutting down Snapchat completely and then relaunching it to see if that helps solve your problem. When trying to play games or record videos, make sure Snapchat has enough storage space available on your device because insufficient storage space can cause some issues with how well Snapchat runs. On top of that, be sure to close out of all open apps first when attempting either action just in case Snapchat crashes during either one of those tasks.

  1. First, go to the Home screen.
  2. Next, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and slightly pause in the middle of the screen.
  3. Slide your finger left or right to move through the app previews.
  4. Swipe upwards on the Snapchat app preview to close it.
  5. Follow the same steps to clear any other paused apps so they don’t conflict the next time you launch Snapchat on your phone.

Solution 2 : Reset your iPhone

Resetting your iPhone is a drastic step, but if you’re not able to use Snapchat or other apps, it could be worth a try. To perform a hard reset on your device,

  • Press and hold both volume buttons and then hold down Power for about 10 seconds.
  • This will restart your phone and allow you to see if Snapchat works. I
  • f that doesn’t help or you’ve already tried resetting your phone, try deleting and reinstalling Snapchat from App Store: Open App Store from your Home screen. Tap Updates at bottom of app page tap Update next to Snapchat app when prompted tap Delete in upper right corner tap Install in lower right corner.
Snapchat Not Working on iPhone

Solution 3: Update Snapchat

Snapchat is aware of iOS 13 issues and will release a new update that should fix those problems. In fact, they’re currently testing it with beta users. To install Snapchat Version 10.43, you’ll need to join Snapchat’s Beta Testing Program. If you’re already part of it, here are step-by-step instructions for how to get it on your device:

Snapchat Not Working on iPhone
  • Launch the App Store app.
  • Press the image of your Apple ID profile, which is located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Swipe down to the Pending Updates section. This section can only be seen and accessed if you have pending updates on your phone. Below this section, you’ll see a list of the latest updates to your apps.
  • Click the Update button next to Snapchat to install a pending update for that app.
  • When multiple app updates are available, click Update All to have your device download and apply all of the updates in the background.
  • Recently installed updates can be viewed under Recently Updated.

Solution 4 : Turn off app restrictions on your iPhone

If your Snapchat app is crashing after updating to iOS 13, turning off restrictions may help. In Settings,

  • go to Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions
  • and slide In-App Purchases off.
  • Now restart your phone,
  • go back into Settings and slide In-App Purchases back on.
  • You can now open Snapchat again without a problem.
Snapchat Not Working on iPhone

If Snapchat still doesn’t work, you’ll need to do a full reset of your device. Don’t worry—you won’t lose any data when you do so. All you have to do is

  • hold down both volume buttons (on either side of your phone) until you see an Apple logo appear.
  • Once it does, let go and wait for it to load up normally (it should only take about 10 seconds).

snapchat not working on iphone ios 15 and 14

iOS 15 was released by Apple in September 2019, and it brought a few problems for Snapchat users with it. If you updated your phone’s operating system from iOS 14 to iOS 15, you might have noticed that Snapchat stopped working on your iPhone XS or an older model. You’re not alone. This is a well-known problem that happens when people install iOS 15 for their devices, and there are a few things you can try if your own snap isn’t showing up in chat anymore. Let’s take a look at how to fix snapchat not working iphone ios 15. The first thing you should do is delete Snapchat and reinstall it. If Snapchat keeps crashing on your iPhone after updating to iOS 15, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage
  2. Find Snapchat in your list of apps
  3. Delete Snapchat
  4. Reinstall Snapchat
  5. Update again After deleting Snapchat, go back into Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage and check out which apps have been using space since you installed iOS 15.

A full battery can also cause some issues with software updates like these—try plugging your device into power before reinstalling Snapchat so that it works smoothly again. We also recommend trying other third-party messaging apps like WhatsApp or Instagram Direct as alternatives to see if they solve any of your problems with snapping friends.

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