What are the best ways to fix Spotify logged me out

Spotify keeps logging you out? Whether you’re working on your desktop or mobile device, there are a few things you can do to fix this common problem. Here are seven ways to get back into your account when Spotify has logged you out, so you can continue listening to music and creating playlists from anywhere!

1) Delete App and Reinstall it when Spotify logged me out

If you have spotify lagging or spotify down, it may be time to delete and reinstall your app. Spotify has been known to fix login issues by deleting and reinstalling their app.

  • To do so, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.
  • Then tap on Spotify and tap Delete App.
  • After that, go back into App Store and redownload Spotify.

This should help with any downtime or spotify lagging problems. Make sure you have at least 10GB of free space before doing this.

2) Make Sure Cookies are Allowed

If you’re still getting logged out of Spotify, there may be something wrong with your browser cookies. If you’re running an ad blocker, like uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus, make sure it doesn’t block Spotify cookies—otherwise you may experience logout issues. If you use Incognito Mode in Chrome or Private Browsing in Firefox, make sure these features aren’t blocking Spotify cookies either.

  1. In Safari, you can adjust cookie settings under Preferences > Security > Accept Cookies.
  2. In Internet Explorer and Edge, you can adjust cookie settings under Settings > Privacy > Advanced Settings.
  3. And in Opera, go to Preferences > Advanced and check Allow local data storage. This should solve any cookie-related login problems you might have.
    (source: Spotify Help)

3) Check Firewall Settings

Spotify can get temperamental, especially if you’re using a proxy or VPN. Double-check your firewall settings and make sure they’re configured properly. If that doesn’t fix it, try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify—then sign in with your account on a new device. Spotify has had issues with authentication recently, so if all else fails, try signing out of Spotify on one device and signing back in on another. If that doesn’t work either, submit a support ticket to Spotify (if you haven’t already). Sometimes waiting for an update fixes things. Other times Spotify just hates you. Sorry about that!

4) Use Different Browsers

Spotify is a browser-based service, so you’ll want to try using it on different browsers. Some users have reported success using Chrome or Firefox (though Spotify recommends using its own browser). If you do experience problems with other browsers, try switching back to Spotify’s built-in browser. Here are instructions for doing that in Chrome and Firefox. The steps vary slightly between browsers, but should be easy enough to follow even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy.

  • For example, in Chrome: Click on your avatar at the top right of your screen. Select Settings from dropdown menu. Select Open Spotify Web Player from left sidebar. This will open Spotify’s web player instead of their desktop app, which may help you get around any bugs related to logging out or having an outdated version of Spotify installed.

If none of these fixes work, check Spotify’s status page for more information about what’s going on. They usually post updates there within minutes of any downtime occurring. Alternatively, you can check Reddit’s spotify subreddit to see if anyone else has posted about similar issues and whether they found a fix. Sometimes Spotify staff also post there when they know something is wrong but haven’t updated their status page yet. Be sure to bookmark both pages so you can quickly access them again in case Spotify goes down again soon!

5) Clear Cache and Cookies From Other AppsWrite something…

Sometimes you can solve a logged-out issue by cleaning up your browser’s cache.

  • If that doesn’t do it, try closing other apps and making sure Spotify is closed.
  • Then press Ctrl + Shift + Esc on Windows or Cmd + Shift + Esc on Mac to access your task manager and select Spotify from there.
  • Finally, choose Clear Cache and then Quit.
  • The next time you open Spotify, log in and see if that fixed things for you. (If not, keep reading.)

In case of any issues related to Spotify login , clear all cookies & local storage of your web browser(s). This will be done through preferences or settings page. In addition, make sure Spotify is updated and verify its data via Help > Check for Updates. Update it if available and check again before troubleshooting further.

6) Restart Router or Modem when spotify search not working

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your router or modem is actually working properly. If you’re experiencing spotify keeps logging out problems, then a faulty modem or router might be at fault.

  • First, restart both devices by unplugging them from their power sources and waiting for ten seconds before plugging them back in.
  • Once they’ve been powered down, wait another ten seconds before turning them on again.
  • Once they’ve been turned on again, wait about five minutes to see if any changes have occurred.
  • Repeat these steps until there are no more issues with either device.
  • In addition to resetting your router or modem, you can also try disabling your anti-virus software as well as rebooting your computer.
  • After doing so, try opening Spotify again and seeing if there are still any issues. Make sure to perform all of these steps while logged into your Spotify account.

If you’re still having trouble after trying all of these solutions, contact Spotify customer service by following our guide here. This will help get things sorted out quickly!

7) Uninstall then Reinstall

First, try uninstalling Spotify and then reinstalling it.

  • Go to your device’s Settings app > Apps and swipe over until you see Spotify in a list. Tap on it, select Uninstall,
  • then open up Google Play Store and redownload it.
  • After that, you can log back into your account and start streaming again!

This is an easy fix for when Spotify is acting weird or won’t load any songs. If Spotify is down for everyone else but not you, maybe another person logged into your account from somewhere else and changed something without logging out. That’s why uninstalling/reinstalling fixes things like Spotify being logged out, search not working properly, or other general issues with Spotify running slowly or acting weirdly. It’s also worth noting that there are lots of ways to customize Spotify — whether it’s making playlists, adding tracks to playlists (including custom playlists), playing music offline — so make sure you’ve got all of those enabled too. For example: under settings > playback options make sure save songs is turned on if you want to listen offline.

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Spotify is one of my most used apps on my iPhone and iPad because it has so many amazing features that really add value to our listening experience. We take for granted, sometimes, how much Spotify does for us in terms of keeping track of what we’ve listened to and recommending music we might like. But, there are times when things go wrong: you open up Spotify and your playlists are gone; you try searching a song or artist and nothing happens; etc. In these situations, don’t worry—there are ways to fix Spotify! Here are 7 ways I use to get around common problems with Spotify.

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