Why hbo max not working on samsung tv Properly and how to fix it?

More and more consumers are using streaming services like HBO Max to watch their favorite shows and movies in the comfort of their homes. However, one problem that seems to be common is that HBO Max does not work properly on them. The sound will not work or the picture will be black and white. This can be frustrating for users who are trying to watch their favorite show or movie and hbo max not working on samsung tv.

Why hbo max not working on samsung tv

The biggest issue with HBO MAX seems to be one that is affecting Samsung Smart TV owners. Many people have reported not being able to install, download or even view content from their streaming platform on these devices. The sound will not work or the picture will be black and white. This can be frustrating for users who are trying to watch their favorite show or movie. What’s causing it? So what’s causing problems for users like you and me? And why is it affecting certain devices but not others? Sadly, there isn’t a clear answer, yet. A lot of folks seem to think it has something to do with Flash, as Samsung Smart TVs use Adobe Flash Player instead of HTML5 (which is preferred by many apps).

Some report having better luck if they switch over to HTML5 on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video or hbo max not working on samsung tv. There also appears to be some confusion about which versions of HBO Max are supported by different sets; while some reports suggest all models should support HBO Max (except older non-smart models), others say only 2017+ sets should work properly. But at least some people report success using older hardware – though perhaps not without jumping through hoops.

Why is hbo max not working on my tv?

HBO Max Not Working on Samsung TV? Here’s the Fix!

A new streaming service called HBO Max is coming out soon. Many Samsung TV owners are very excited because they think it will help them to cut out their cable bill. Unfortunately, some of them are reporting that it isn’t working properly on their Samsung TV. If you have HBO Max and a Samsung TV, here’s what you need to do to make sure your new service runs smoothly

Here are Steps to fix hbo max not working on samsung tv:

Make sure Samsung TV is disconnected from power

Unplugging your Samsung TV’s wall socket is one way to get HBO Max.

hbo max not working on samsung tv
hbo max not working on samsung tv

Allow the computer to idle for one minute before turning it on again. Before plugging it in, give it a honest minute, if possible,

  • To unplug your TV from Samsung, locate the power button on your Samsung TV. Hold it for 30 seconds. You must ensure that you are holding the power button of your TV, not your remote.
  • Any residual power will be left in the TV, which will allow it to perform a soft reset. This is different from turning the remote on or off.

To summarize, you need to plug in your TV again, turn it on and use HBO Max again.

If the device isn’t turning on, I’ve provided solutions below to fix any problems.

Verify that HBO Max’s servers are up.

Why hbo max not working on samsung tv? To determine if it is a problem on your part, you can check if HBO Max servers have been down.

This has happened rarely, but it does happen. To check if HBO Max is down on your other devices, such as your phone or laptop,

At the moment, this is the only option. You’ll have to wait for the servers back online.

Twitter is used to announce when HBO Max will be back on. For more information, you can visit Downdetector.

In the event that the site isn’t down, there are some things you can do to troubleshoot why HBO Max won’t work on your Samsung TV.

Uninstall the HBO Max app first, then download it and install it again.

In the event that the HBO Max app is still not working, you may need to reinstall it.

  • Locate your HBO Max app in the Samsung TV’s home screen and click the Settings icon.
  • Once you’ve done that, click on HBO Max to delete the app.
  • After switching your Samsung TV on or off, turn it on again.
  • Next, go to the Apps section and download HBO Max.
  • You can test it immediately by viewing some videos.
hbo max not working on samsung tv
hbo max not working on samsung tv

If the app is constantly loading or buffering, you should continue to the next step.

Reset Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung’s Smart Hub is basically a customized app store for your TV.

Resetting a Smart hub removes all data from the account and restores them back to factory defaults.

  • To get started, click Settings on your remote.
  • Next, click on Support and then Self Diagnosis.
  • Your TV’s PIN number will be requested.
hbo max not working on samsung tv
hbo max not working on samsung tv

After the Smart Hub has been reset you will need it to be reinstalled and signed in to HBO Max.

Reset your Wi-Fi Access Point

hbo max not working on samsung tv
hbo max not working on samsung tv

Your router might not be functioning properly. HBO Max may have issues on your Samsung TV.

Your router might not be connecting if they don’t connect.

After unplugging your router for a time, you can plug it back in to your computer.

If you have internet connectivity issues that persist, contact your internet service provider’s customer care line.

Your internet speed can be checked

Slow internet connections can make streaming video to your Samsung TV difficult.

A good idea is to conduct an internet connection test.

The test should show a download speed between 15-100 Mbps. However, it is very likely that you will experience lag or slowness below 15 Mbps.

It is important to focus on the speed of the download, and not the upload speed. Streaming is a downloading process.

Slow download speeds of less than 15-100 Mbps could be caused by

Internet speed is not being paid enough. WiFi reduces this speed by half to about 100 Mbps. A VPN can reduce this speed by 50%, to around 50 Mbps for a 200 Mbps plan.

If your router doesn’t work well, or you are too far away from it, you might consider purchasing a WiFi extender. This will boost the signal strength of your Samsung TV.

Update your Samsung TV

It can cause serious problems if your Samsung TV’s software is not up-to-date.

Search for the most recent firmware for your TV model.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose the option Support.
  • Go to Software Update.
  • Choose the Update Software option.
  • Your TV will automatically update. It may take some time but you will be notified when it is completed.
  • You will need to keep your Samsung TV updated with the latest software.

While you’re at it, make sure to check for updates for HBO Max. Older versions may not work with current Samsung TV OS.

Factory reset your Samsung TV

If nothing seems to work, you can always try a factory restart.

  • Hold the Home button to restore factory settings on your Samsung TV. For older models, you can go to Settings > General > Reset.
  • Your security pin (“0000”) will be used to activate the initial setup screen on your TV.

Have you forgotten your TV’s pincode? To reset your TV’s pin code, use the remote control.

Turn on your TV and press the buttons shown. This will reset the PIN to “0000”.

  • To use the Samsung Smart Remote/Remote Controller, press +/– (Volume Button) > Volume Up > Volume down > Volume down > Return > Volume up > Volume up >
  • Standard Remote Control: Press Mute Volume up >Press Return Volume down > Press Return Volume up > Press Return Volume up > Press RETURN

After it has finished restarting, give your Samsung TV a few moments to reconnect.

You may need to reinstall HBO Max. However, it should still work.

How to restart hbo max app on samsung tv

Restart HBO Max on Samsung TV can be done by restarting the TV

  • Please unplug your Samsung TV.
  • Wait twenty seconds, and then plug your TV back in.
  • Please close HBO Max and reopen it to see if the issue has been resolved.


Although there are some great benefits to getting HBO Max, sometimes it will not work on certain devices. This is frustrating and users want to know why that is. They want to be able to use their product properly and enjoy all of its features. Hopefully, HBO will respond with an answer soon so that their customers can get everything they paid for and more. A company wants to make sure they do anything they can to help out their customers, especially when it comes to entertainment options.

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