You Can Now Use Zoom on Roku! Here’s How.

If you’re looking to connect with your team through Zoom, here’s some good news. Zoom now officially works on Roku streaming players! This means that if you have the channel installed on your device, you can use Zoom through it, without needing any other app or software. Here’s how to do it!

Can you get zoom on roku?

Yes, and you can use it to schedule a video conference, conduct an online interview or take part in a webinar. The only problem is that Zoom isn’t officially available for Roku yet—but it will be soon enough. In the meantime, there is a way to get around its absence: through screen mirroring.

  • You just need to download and install an app called Roku Screen Mirroring on your Roku device.
  • To do so, go to your Roku channel store, search for screen mirroring and click install.
  • You’ll then have access to all of your mobile devices’ apps via Roku.

You can also do that with Google Chromecast as well as Amazon Fire TV Stick. It may seem like a hassle at first but believe me when I say it will make life easier in no time! It may seem like a hassle at first but believe me when I say it will make life easier in no time! So how does screen mirroring work?

Well, if you’re looking to connect your Roku device to your computer or laptop, follow these steps cast to roku tv:

  1. Download and install Roku Screen Mirroring from here;
  2. Open up Settings > Display & Sound > Projector;
  3. Select HDMI under Projector Type;
  4. Click Add Device;
  5. Click Add Device again;
  6. Enter code displayed on Roku TV into text box.
Youtube : How to View Zoom Meeting on TV

How to get zoom on roku tv

For those who don’t know, Zoom is a powerful business video conferencing tool. It allows you to host meetings and conferences with individuals as well as a group of people from around the world in real time. Unfortunately, there is no official Zoom app for Roku streaming player or any other device that supports screen mirroring feature but you can use Zoom Cloud Meetings through your Roku device by following these simple steps:

  • First download and install Remote Control for Roku app (free) from Channel Store.
  • Then launch it and tap Screen Mirroring from left menu of your screen.
  • Finally select Roku Device you want to connect to your computer using an HDMI cable.

That’s all! You should now be able to access Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku device without any problem. Enjoy!

Cast zoom

How to cast zoom to roku from android

This step by step guide is meant to give you an idea of how you can use zoom with your Roku box to cast meeting/video call content on your TV and also present from your mobile device. Keep in mind that you would need a Roku account and an Android device (running Android version 4.4 or higher) or iPhone (or iPad). Let us know in comments if it worked for you!

  • To begin, launch your Roku application and head over to Settings -> System -> Screen Mirroring -> On. Also make sure that screen mirroring is enabled on your phone or tablet as well.
  • Launch the Zoom app, enter your credentials and tap Start Meeting at top right corner (see image below).
  • The app will ask you to choose whether you want to display contents on a laptop/desktop or mobile device – choose Mobile Device option here.
  • It will then show a code which needs to be entered into Roku settings as Screen Mirroring Code field under Display options:
  • Note: The code displayed above should be entered as 6 digit number only (no alphabets or special characters etc.). Once done, select Ok when prompted.
  • Next, return back to Roku home screen and select Cast from drop down menu located at top left corner: Select Roku from available devices list and wait for few seconds until you see Zoom icon on your TV screen.

If everything went fine so far, you should now be able to view all video calls or presentations taking place through Zoom app on your Roku device. You can even control playback using Roku remote control. That’s all there is to it! Enjoy streaming meetings through Roku . If something doesn’t work out as expected, feel free to let us know in comments section below.

How to cast zoom to roku from iPhone

If HDMI is for PC and built-in mirroring is for Android, this time we are going to talk about the receiver of the iPhone. Apple TV is the most common receiver compatible with iPhone and other iOS devices. This is also how you can cast Zoom to Roku from iPads and other iOS devices. You also need a stable internet connection for mirroring. This receiver is connected to your TV and then you need to set it up. After that, it will be visible to other devices. To transfer Zoom from iPhone/iPad to Roku, follow the steps below. Download Report

  • Connect your iPhone and Roku TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
Zoom on Roku
  • From the home screen of your iPhone, slide your finger to bring up the Control Center.
  • Then select Screen Mirroring.
Zoom on Roku
  • From there, choose the name of your Apple TV. Mirroring will then begin and your Zoom interface will appear on your Roku TV.

How to Cast zoom to roku from laptop

It’s true that you can’t download Zoom directly to your Roku device (yet), but don’t despair! All hope is not lost, as you can still use it on your TV with a few simple steps.

To begin, all you need is: a computer, laptop or even a mobile device, an Internet connection and of course, Roku.

This is how to cast Zoom on Roku from a PC with an HDMI cable.

  • Launch the Zoom meeting you’re in, as you normally would.
  • Select the HDMI cable and connect it to your TV and PC.
Zoom on Roku
  • Switch the source of your TV to HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 and according to the HDMI number it is connected to.
  • Once you change the source, your computer screen will be reflected on your Roku TV. It’s easy.

Fix : Zoom not work on roku

Zoom does not work on Roku, but fortunately, you can access Zoom Cloud Meetings through screen mirroring on your Roku device. Read our guide to learn how to set up screen mirroring on your Roku device and get Zoom working again in no time.

If you’re tired of missing out on business meetings because your guests are unable to attend through Roku, then follow these simple steps for setting up a working connection between Zoom and Roku. Once you have set up screen mirroring on Roku, you can use it as an alternative method for accessing Zoom Cloud Meetings from any device with a compatible operating system.

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